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TheStory of Nicosia

In the warm sparkling seas of the Mediterranean is a tiny island paradise. For two thousand years, this picturesque island known as Cyprus, has been a treasure sought after by many nations.

Surrounded by long sandy beaches is the majestic and romantically historic city of Nicosia, The capital of Cyprus. Along the cobbled narrow streets are numerous small restaurants specialising in the nation’s traditional foods.

Worldwide, the Cypriots are known and respected for their hospitality. If a visitor comes to Nicosia, they are presented with an abundance of delectable dishes, guaranteed to delight every gastronomical fancy.

Succulent shish kebab and shaslicks made from lamb, beef or chicken are delicately spiced and skewered with tender vegetables or fruits, then cooked on an open charcoal grill.

The tempting aroma of the famous Doner kebab is irresistible. The meat rotates on a vertical grill in front of a specially arranged fire. The grill is arranged with an endless number of thinly sliced pieces of lamb rolled together and seasoned with traditional herbs. Rotating the meat allows the outside to become brown and well flavoured.

The tender juice outside is carved off with an enormous knife and the meat is served with salad, cucumber, tomato, onion and rice. There are all types of vegetarian delights: green beans simmering in herb spice, eggplant and chick pea purees in sesame seed, tasty caviar, fresh natural yoghurt, garlic and cucumber dips as well as stuffed vine leaves.

These are served accompanied by pieces of fresh, hot pita bread and constitute the delicious and unforgettable appetisers. Nowhere else in the world but Nicosia can one find such good Turkish Delight! Superb pastries made from the finest puff pastry which are filled with chopped nuts and baked in honey or rose jelly.

A mouth-watering treat!




Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern Turkish cuisine
Nicosia Turkish Restaurant has been proudly family owned and operated in Malvern since 1992.

We pride ourselves on our unmatched hospitality and delicious traditional cuisines with a modern touch.



250 Glenferrie Road, Malvern VIC 3144

(03) 9509 9823
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